The bandwidth it provides is even better

Fiber in the woods!

Our internet connection has recently been upgraded. Way out in the woods, we were dependent upon faint radio waves for our internet and phone connection. And before that, we enjoyed a barely functional, data-only connection to a cell tower well beyond stated distance limits by means of a hotspot connected to a directional antenna.

Remember 2400 baud modems? This connection wasn’t that good, but you could get email if no one decided to punish you by sending an attached 2 Meg image. Large files are the anathema of limited bandwidth.

But a few words about bandwidth…

We can’t be on the fence about this

Let’s make the rash assumption that the owner of these beauties is a supporter of Donald Trump.

Frankly, there is little need to remind anyone of support for Mr. Trump years from the next election cycle, but it is well within anyone’s right to promote his next legitimate attempt at reclaiming the presidency. Any time they wish, at any point on their own property.

The sentiment on the other banner is less easy to condone. It is possible that the owner wishes consensual intercourse with Mr. Biden and those who voted for him, but unlikely. The message conveyed appears to…

And we need to talk

Yes, that’s a selfie. I am a mature member of the species you call the Bald Eagle.

We are flattered to serve as the symbol of the US of A. Thanks for the distinction. But as your Independence Day approaches, please direct your attention to the following.

It’s the name. The name you humans have assigned to us. The Bald Eagle*. What’s that all about?

For our brothers, you have selected much more appropriate names. The Sea-Eagle. The White-tailed Eagle. Even the overly laudatory “Golden” Eagle. …

How Amazing Music Has Come To A Beautiful Location

In July and August, music and more will fill the Town of Caroga and the surrounding communities. The Caroga Lake Music Festival features multiple styles of music performed by excellent musicians from all over the country. The quality and quantity of performers and performances is well beyond what one might expect to find in a small town of 500 souls in the southern Adirondacks.

The festival presents a variety of musicians from nationally recognized orchestras, chamber ensembles, and bands who regularly perform on reputed stations and shows including NPR, PBS, Late Night with Stephen Colbert, Saturday Night Live, Ellen, Steve…

Not a place of peace

There is no substitute for visiting a battlefield. Walking over the ground where combatants fought and died educates one in regard to the scale and flow of the conflict. Seeing the actual place, particularly if well preserved, allows one to marvel and recoil at what occurred.

Over 150 years ago, on April 6th and 7th, two American armies clashed between Corinth, Mississippi and Pittsburgh Landing, Tennessee.

I‘ve been waiting 50 years

1971 was the year that saw the first class graduate from Greece Athena High School, just outside Rochester, NY. The school administration used an abacus and several slide rules to tally up the grade point averages of all the students. To the surprise of many, and disgust of others, it was determined that I had the top average.

The tradition at every High School ever established before 1971 was to have the person with the highest grade point average, the Valedictorian, speak at graduation. …

It’s the only way to be sure

I’m sorry, but we cannot count your ballot without a DNA match. We didn’t make them, but those are the rules. And rules must be followed.

Didn’t you register previously? That bit about “a pound of flesh” at registration is just a joke. You don’t even need to give blood. A swabbie of saliva does the trick.

Yes, months before the election, you have to get to the registration center on the day at the time designated for you. Many employers are quite willing to allow you that small bit of personal time to execute your patriotic duty. If not…

Exactly right. A divided rabble is no threat to anyone but themselves.

Every Texan knows it extends well beyond Harris County

Approximately half of America does not believe as you do.

But that is not a problem. The problem arises in the manner in which we react to that fact.

If we gloat when our candidates win, we are part of the problem.

If we spout sour grapes when our candidate loses, we are part of the problem.

If we hold our fellow citizens in contempt because they do not embrace our beliefs, we are part of the problem.

If we react only to the manifestations of conflicting beliefs without understanding how others could hold these beliefs, we are part of…

Randy Fredlund

I Write. You smile, I hope. Or maybe think a new thought. Presenting experiences and observations in words and images.

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