First, one must believe that he actually forms ideas for governing beyond expedient positions that lead to power.

Ignoring that hurdle, it seems that Republican donors favor what Mr. Trump stands for. Hence the following list:

- Authoritarianism (Fascism)

- Shifting tax burdens from the rich and corporations to the middle class.

- Reduction in spending on social programs like Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid

- Deregulation of businesses and commerce.

- Unbridled military spending

- Nationalism, particularly Christian Nationalism

- Anti-globalization, protectionism

- Narcissism

- Detachment from any inconvenient reality

Good to know what these donors love.



All tourists can be rude and annoying.

Japanese can be pushy, Brits can be obnoxious, Germans can be aloof and arrogant, and so on. There are reasons for the stereotypes.

But the Japanese can be quite polite, the Brits can be charming, and the Germans can be insightful.

Are Americans any worse than the rest? At times. When we demand others conform to our culture (or lack thereof, as the French might say) in their countries, we display our ethnocentric worst. Perhaps if we manage to survive a few hundred years more, we'll grow out of it.



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